[Oeva-list] Good hour long video on Lithium balancing (EVTV Nov. 13th show)

phil hochstetler phil at hochstetler.com
Sun Nov 15 13:38:17 PST 2009

Jack Rickard passes on some hard earned knowledge on lithium cells and
balancing.  My take is he was relying on pack voltage to indicate and
empty pack which is a mistake.  You need per cell low voltage
I have to agree with his analysis but think a better solution is start
with very similar capacity cells and have a good low voltage
monitoring system in place.  What he does not say directly, is that
you can murder the cells on charge if you charge to 3.65/4.2*#cells
without shunt regulators you will have the same situation as the
discharge one (he avoids it by a very conservative charge voltage).

Good way to spend an hour if you are interested in lithium BMS/battery issues.

link:  http://web.me.com/mjrickard/


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