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I have mixed feelings on this one. The closest city on this list is around 
50 miles the next two are about 75 to 120 miles. How many would be driving 
an EV any of these meetings?
Without seeing the response I would guess most members would use ICE 
vehicles. I like the idea but not if causes us to use more oil. Maybe I am extreme 
but I tried to eliminate my use of ICE as much as possible. 
So I am not thrilled about the idea of having meetings that would put more 
ICE vehicles on the road. 
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Greetings OEVA members:

At this month's meeting several folks suggested that we bring an OEVA
meeting to Corvallis, Eugene, Salem, or Bend; thus making us truly the
OREGON Electric Vehicles Association. I am all for it and will be glad to
work on the logistics with you.

Who is interested and can help me get this going (for any city)?

Also, if there is anyone who knows about another city in Oregon or
Washington that we can help out by bringing in an EV presentation / meeting,
I would love to talk with you.

Thank you,
John P. Christian
OEVA Chair

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