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Looks like a great report, but I'm not sure that I'll have time to read it

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 Yesterday, a group called the "Electrification Coalition" released a
sweeping report called the "Electrification Roadmap" outlining its vision
for the deployment of a fully integrated electric-drive transportation
system in the US. The report details the dangers of oil dependence, benefits
of electrification and describes some of the challenges facing electric cars.
It also asks for $124 billion in government incentives over the next eight
years including $13.5 billion for tax credits to build public charging
stations and $75 billion to be used to fund the consumer incentives to
purchase EVs.

The coalition includes Nissan, FedEx, Coulomb, AeroVironment, PG&E and
others.  You can download the full report (all 180 pages!!) at:

The Washington Post article is at:

Art James
Innovative Partnerships Project Director
Oregon Department of Transportation
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Cell: (503) 369-3516
E-mail:    art.james at odot.state.or.us
Website: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/OIPP/inn_ev-charging.shtml
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