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Hello Linda 
There are a lot of EV drivers in Eugene some are on the list. I can put you 
in touch with many more that are not members. I believe there is enough 
people in the Eugene area for it to start another chapter or at least for local 
OEVA meetings. Let me know and I can put you in touch with others in Eugene 
that would be a big help for you make this possible.
When this was first proposed it sounded like we were moving the meetings 
from Portland to other locations. If this is not the case as long as the 
meetings are on not the same days I think this is a very good thing.
I can drive to Eugene but I would have to charge for 5 to 6 hours with 240 
volts to make it back. Are there any other EVs that can make the trip to 
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Hi'ya, Guys!

This is Linda Snipes here to remind you all that, all I have at this point 
is an ICE to drive and I'm trying to get onboard with an EV of my own.  So, 
I'm driving my ICE to Portland to go to the only OEVA meeting place in the 
state to get an education and information with real people about something 
that is real important to me.  I am spreading the word around here (Gold 
Beach) and getting people excited and interested in the wonderful possibilities 
of EV vehicles.  I don't like driving my ICE anymore than I need to either, 
but I feel that it is a necessary evil to forward the movement. 
I have discovered that there are 2 EV owners right here in Gold Beach.  
I'll just bet that if people knew there was going to be a meeting take place in 
their own town (like Eugene) that more people locally, who have already 
changed their ICE vehicles over to EV's, would jump at the chance to drive to 
the temporary new meeting place to show and tell about their work.  
I would be interested in bringing a meeting or two to Eugene, in the 
interest of starting a chapter there.  Thank You for your help!

Yours Truly, Linda Snipes.

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