[Oeva-list] Anyone familiar with this battery-balancing system?

Philip Kollas pkollas at comcast.net
Mon Nov 23 12:57:06 PST 2009


Has anyone used, or otherwise learned about first-hand, the PowerCheq
battery balancers?  I¹ve looked at the info available from Grants Pass
Electric Vehicles (GPEV) as a source for my Zap Xebra pickup, but I have
little other info about this source or the brand name.  Can anyone shed any
light on this?

Here¹s their link for this product:

Also, I noted on the GPEV site that they encourage volume orders at a
discount.  If anyone else is interested‹and if the product is worthwhile‹we
might be able to scrounge up a discount for even a couple of orders at once,
given the state of the economy.  For rough planning purposes, a six-battery
pack would need five of the PowerCheq units, which works out to about $354
for the set.  That¹s for a solo order; I don¹t yet know what kind of pricing
they would offer for multiple orders sent in at once.  I¹ve written to them
to inquire but don¹t have a reply yet.


Philip Kollas
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