[Oeva-list] Looking for a GE Elec-Trak

Dan Bortel dannyb61 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 23 16:28:20 PST 2009


There's a guy in Salem that has several of them. They are all in need of
restoration. I expect he would let one go for somewhere in the $500 range
(about the going price for dead ones now days). I can find his name and
address for you if you really want to do this.

Most of the Elek-Trak corpses I have seen out there have significant battery
corrosion problems and would need a lot of 'body work'. Also, they are old
technology as far as the controller, etc. In addition, you will probably
have well over $1000 in one to bring it back to good condition. That makes
it a collector's item, and not something you would want to do your yard work

What I would suggest is that you do something more like what John Wayland
did with the 'Heavy Metal Garden Tractor'. http://www.evalbum.com/38 You can
get a large donor garden tractor for cheap and redo it with a modern
controller and motor (like an Altrex and a B&S Etek) for less money and have
a lot more power (power is good). Also it would be your own custom product. 

I have a large Sears donor setting out back that I was going to do just
that, but have never gotten around to it. It doesn't have a mowing deck, but
you can have it if you want it, and are sure you will do the conversion.

Dan Bortel


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Hi all

I was hoping to find someone locally that has a GE Elec-Trak garden
tractor that is in need of repair that the owner would be willing to
part with. I think it would make for a nice winter project and would
be able to use it in the spring as well as make it a learning



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