[Oeva-list] Information request

richard.reinoehl at verizon.net richard.reinoehl at verizon.net
Tue Nov 24 02:03:41 PST 2009


If anyone knows  Carl Watkins or John Stephens please respond to Charles Marsh.  See post below.

"Hi Richard,

No, I have not heard anything from anyone else.  You are the first person I have contacted.  The main reason I am interested in the company is that they are supposed to have an exclusive marketing deal with EEStor for their new energy storage device for two and three wheeled vehicles.  I do not know if you have heard of it before, it is called an EESU.  It is a super capacitor like device that, for this application, is supposed to be 24v, store 26Ahrs , and recharge in 90 sec.   Carl Watkins heads the company and John Stephens is exec. VP.
That is all I know about them.  I tried to contact them about a week ago using their E-mail address, but did not receive a response.  If one or both of these two gentlemen are members of your organization, please let me know.  i would appreciate if they would respond to my E-mail message.   

 Charles Marsh <cmarsh777 at gmail.com>"

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