[Oeva-list] Nisan Leaf sign up

gfifield at onlinenw.com gfifield at onlinenw.com
Thu Apr 8 09:35:23 PDT 2010

I never received any contact from Nissan after signing up several times.
I stopped by Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan yesterday, and talked with Joel
Fowler, internet sales manager. I'm not sure how the contacts are made,
but dealers are apparently notified of the customers who signed up online,
and then contact the customer directly to get further information.

Joel has only about 30 customers signed up so far. You fill out a sheet
with contact info and your credit card numbers, he will enter in your $99
deposit on April 19th @ midnight. (The midnight time is so you will be
first in line.)

He claims his dealership sells more Nissans than anyone in the Northwest.
So I'm surprised that he has only 30 people signed up!

He says he has received about 40 hours of training on the Leaf.

I let Joel know about our organization, and meeting tonight at the World
Trade Center @ 7PM, and invited him to come.

here is the contact information:
Joel Fowler
Sales Manager
jfowler at tonkin.com
503 222 2277

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