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I'd be up for having a meeting in Wilsonville. John owns the agenda.

An EV loaner car is a great idea Don.

Plug In, Charge Up, Drive Off    =D~

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>   Just talked to Joel. He has offered to host an OEVA meeting at the
> Tonkin Nissan dealership in Wilsonville. I advised him we would need access
> to 240 power as well as 120. They will provide refreshments.
> Add one more Leaf to the list being sold. West Hills Collision Center just
> signed up for a Leaf for use as a loaner car for when vehicles are being
> repaired. I could not do this before with the trucks. However with the
> battery technology improvements that changes everything. So when the Leaf is
> delivered if you need collision work you can drive an EV. I am hoping we can
> sway more ICE drivers to consider EVs.
> Don Blazer
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> I never received any contact from Nissan after signing up several times.
> I stopped by Tonkin Wilsonville Nissan yesterday, and talked with Joel
> Fowler, internet sales manager. I'm not sure how the contacts are made,
> but dealers are apparently notified of the customers who signed up online,
> and then contact the customer directly to get further information.
> Joel has only about 30 customers signed up so far. You fill out a sheet
> with contact info and your credit card numbers, he will enter in your $99
> deposit on April 19th @ midnight. (The midnight time is so you will be
> first in line.)
> He claims his dealership sells more Nissans than anyone in the Northwest.
> So I'm surprised that he has only 30 people signed up!
> He says he has received about 40 hours of training on the Leaf.
> I let Joel know about our organization, and meeting tonight at the World
> Trade Center @ 7PM, and invited him to come.
> here is the contact information:
> Joel Fowler
> Sales Manager
> jfowler at tonkin.com
> 503 222 2277
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