[Oeva-list] Quick Stats from the EV Project

John Christian john.p.christian at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 12:10:18 PDT 2010

The Numbers

*The EV Project involves:*

   - Five states
   - 10,950 Level 2 (220V) Chargers
   - 260 DC fast-chargers
   - 4,700 Nissan LEAF cars
   - $99.8 million USDOE grant
   - $200 million total project value
   - The Nissan LEAF has a range of approximately 100 miles when fully
   - The average U.S. driver travels a total of 29 miles a day, *well under
   that 100 mile range.*
   - Over the course of a year, the cars involved in *The EV Project will
   reduce gasoline consumption by approximately two million gallons*.

More info at:
www.theevproject.com <http://ecotality.cmail5.com/t/y/l/okyurj/ovlhuyb/o>.

John P. Christian
OEVA Chairman

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