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Tue Apr 20 00:23:48 PDT 2010

If you drive an EV, you can help Washington State develop regulations for
charging stations by answering the survey below.  Explore questions like "is
it more important to have charging stations at work places, or at park &
ride locations" and "should there be wheelchair accessible parking spots
with access to charging"...


Dear EV Driver,

Puget Sound Regional Council and the Washington State Department of Commerce
are working to develop model regulations and guidance for local governments
for EV charging infrastructure. The purpose of this effort in Washington is to
encourage the transition to electric vehicle use and to expedite the
establishment of a convenient, cost-effective, electric vehicle
infrastructure that such a transition necessitates. As part of this work,
Plug in America has prepared a survey to gather information from experienced
EV drivers and owners, which is where you come in. We're asking you to give
us a short amount of your time by taking an online survey. Here is the link
to the survey:

A few points about the survey:

The focus of the questions is your personal experience with charging
infrastructure. Survey answers are kept anonymous and only summary
information will be utilized.  Note that we are most interested in any
additional thoughts or points you feel are important regarding charging
infrastructure and we encourage you to write them out in the text boxes

Thank you for helping to shape the EV future.

Dan Davids
Plug In America
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