[Oeva-list] Nissan Leaf folks--did you sign up for the DOE study?

Graunke, Gary gary.graunke at intel.com
Fri Apr 23 10:42:33 PDT 2010

I'm wondering if a lot of us Oregon (and other eligible area) Nissan Leaf folks signed up for the DOE study when we reserved our Leaf.

It was an extra set of questions that you started once the Leaf reservation was completed. One question was something like "do you have two adjacent empty breaker slots in your electric panel?" Other questions centered around the panel's location relative to your garage.

Since DOE study participants will get a free charger and installation, we would like everyone that is eligible (and doesn't mind your every driving and charging move to be tracked and added to their database) to be able to enroll. The results will help understand the impact of massive numbers of EV's on the grid.

Not only will this save early adopters some $ in the short term, making charging smarter will help *lower* electricity costs by improving current infrastructure utilization rates. (Dumb charging during peak load times will *increase* electric rates by requiring more expensive, inefficient, and underutilized peak generation equipment). And we certainly don't want EV's to be singled out for unreasonable constraints on charging enforced by charging stations or the car. So getting this data for utilities and regulators is important. It also enables smarter charging firmware in the cars that implement *our* personal charging preferences (eg, use cheap rates, renewables whenever possible) vs one-size-fits-all policies of utilities, charging stations manufacturers, or governments.

Please forward responses to me (rather than the entire list). I'll post a summary and bring this to Nissan's attention if Leaf folks aren't able to apply to the study using their website.

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