[Oeva-list] resources for learning electrical power engineering?

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 15:34:22 PST 2010

Hi All,

  I realize this isn't directly EV related, but I thought there might
be some excellent resources in the OEVA to answer this question.

I've been doing electrical engineering for sixteen years on
embedded systems and would like to learn more about power
electronics like those used in our national electric grid.  I believe
this to be relevant with more EVs getting on the road and the
need to develop a "smart" grid for them and other renewable
sources of energy such as wind and solar.

Does anyone have any recommendations for classes I could
take or books I should read to learn about our electrical
distribution system, sub-stations and other power electronics?

More to the point, if I want to find a job in the electrical grid
field, does anyone have recommendations for things I should
do to work towards that end?

Thanks for all your input!


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