[Oeva-list] Ford Transit Connect Electric is shipping

Mike Butts mbutts at ieee.org
Thu Dec 9 12:33:34 PST 2010

These Transit Connect Electrics are sold to the buyers, who hold the title
and own them, for better or worse. They won't go back to the manufacturer
like the trials and limited-time leases. Commercial buyers are business
people who expect them to save money over their lifetimes.

Delivery and service businesses were major users of EVs before gasoline took
over. With predictable routes and a central garage to charge and maintain
them, EVs make great sense. Starting small, low-profile, with a few
customers is common and wise. These vans will be at our local Ford dealers
in a year or two I'm sure.


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> Except we can't buy it, and it still costs $57,400. Until "Joe Public" can
> buy it, can it count as "delivered for sale"?
> Sincerely,
> Chris Arnesen
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