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Greetings OEVA,

The email thread below details the by county registration of EV;s in
California. I wonder if we can get similar information for Oregon.


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Posted by: "Felix Kramer" fkramer at calcars.org felixkramery
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FYI: A staffer at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District was
able to persuade someone at the state DMV to break out the numbers --
all vehicles with an "E" on their registration, presumably including
neighborhood EVs.

Alamed 419
Contra Costa  229
Marin  102
Nap 82
San Francisco  897
San Mateo  259
Santa Clara  783
Solano  135
Sonoma  158
Total   3064


Wonder if some one here in Washington State could do this for
King, Snohomish, Pierce....
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