[Oeva-list] First deliveries of the Nissan Leaf - who will get the first one in Oregon?

john.p.christian john.p.christian at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 09:07:22 PST 2010

The video below shows the ceremony in SF yesterday that announced the
commencement of Nissan Leaf deliveries to the public. While the first 20
minutes are fairly boring, starting at 21:00 minutes in to the video, the
Nissan spokesman outlines the coming week's delivery schedule and describes
the recipients in each market. Oregon's first customer delivery is to "a
retired English professor from UO". Also, noteworthy is the location
sequence; SF, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, and then Tennessee. 




The Nissan guy also states that deliveries will be slow during the first
quarter, picking up in the second. Interestingly he says that they should
complete the deliveries of all cars ordered in 2010 by the end of summer
2011. So you have to wonder; will they stop making them until 2012 or will
they open up more deliveries in 2011 - thereby surpassing their delivery
target of 11,000 cars? 


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