[Oeva-list] EV Friendly Apartments?

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The Shaver Green apartments in North Portland have a ShorePower charging station, but it is currently configured only for 120v, not the 208/240v the S10 needs. The Matisse Apartments in the South Waterfront have a ColumbTech Charge Point with 208v but it requires a J1772 connector; however J1772 to NEMA 14-50r adapters are available online. 
Also, the SmartPark garages at 1st and Davis Street and at 1st and  Jefferson Street have 208v via a NEMA 14-50, so if it’s only a temporary need you live in one of the many surrounding buildings and use the Smart Park ($0.95/hour) only when you need to charge.
Shaver Green
4011 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Matisse Apartments
0677 SW Lowell Street
J1772 – NEMA 14-50 Adapters

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I was asked the below question. Anyone have a recommendation? 

I am a recent transplant to the portland area from far eastern oregon do you know of any ev freindly apartment, townhouse, or condo communities in the portland area? I have an s10ev and need some short term housing while i wait for my home to sell in baker city..

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