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Hello Pat
This might be an option for them.
They could charge at West Hills Collision Center for free and with no  
parking fees. There is an apartment complex right next door to West  Hills which 
is almost like the same parking lot. There are  other apartments or 
townhouses within walking distance.  So depending  upon availability a person could 
still easily live close by if  they were willing to walk or bike. That way 
they could get by as long  as needed without an EV friendly living 
situation.  I would be more  then happy to help a fellow EV driver for how ever long 
it took until better  arrangements could be obtained. 
On a positive note the business buys 100% PGE wind power making the  EV 
pollution free transportation. 
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I was asked the below question. Anyone  have a recommendation?

I am a recent transplant to the portland area  from far eastern oregon do 
know of any ev freindly apartment,  townhouse, or condo communities in the
portland area? I have an s10ev and  need some short term housing while i 
for my home to sell in baker  city..


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