[Oeva-list] The ever misunderstood Volt

Nick nickgaladay at msn.com
Tue Dec 21 23:37:06 PST 2010


Well reasoned, researched and written.  However, their anecdotal example is
a 202 mile ride between charges.  That’s NOT how this thing in intended to
be used.  Presumably one will unplug in the morning and plug in at night
(hell, maybe even when he gets to work), never exceeding 40 miles (O.K., 33)
from outlet to outlet, except on rare occasions.  For that rare occasion
you’re carrying your own, albeit expensive, onboard outlet.  I still think
the better option is the Leaf with an ICE in the garage for weekends, rather
than trying to make one car serve both uses.  I've heard the rule of thumb
estimate for cost per mile as 4:1.  That is, the Leaf uses 75¢ / gallon
equivalent fuel.  They say here it’s not the relative economy of electric
cars that will sell them to environmentalists, and that might be true.  But
it is what it will take to turn climate-change deniers green!   

"More car than electric..."   What the hell does that mean?

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