[Oeva-list] The ever misunderstood Volt

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed Dec 22 01:30:19 PST 2010

On 12/21/10 11:37 PM, Nick wrote:
> I still think
> the better option is the Leaf with an ICE in the garage for weekends, rather
> than trying to make one car serve both uses.

It depends.  I was originally going to get the Volt because I would only
need one car, which is a big plus.  However, when I got to thinking
about where I actually go, and the plans for high speed charging
infrastructure that matched a lot of where I drive, the Leaf will
actually serve for a lot of my long distance driving as well.  And I'm
happy with a beater for my ICE (actually, got my old Explorer back from
a friend I sold it to, since I can't afford both the Leaf and a newish
ICE at the same time).  But if you do more travelling outside the
high-speed charging infrastructure, or aren't willing to wait for it to
get built, or don't have room for two cars, a Volt is an ideal solution.
 It probably is even the way I still should have gone, as I'll probably
still put half the miles on my ICE because the Leaf just can't get
there.  I may actually end up using more gas because of the Leaf...
(well, that and a stupid decision to trade off my Hybrid Escape for a
Prius a couple years ago).

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