[Oeva-list] The ever misunderstood Volt

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed Dec 22 10:39:31 PST 2010

On 12/22/10 9:41 AM, Hansen, Chris wrote:

> The “problem” with an electric car is that you lose the freedom to go
> anywhere at any time on a whim.

> Even with the level 3 chargers on every street corner, waiting 20-30
> minutes to charge is a long time for me.

This is an all too common mindset, but you don't *need* a full charge to
solve that particular problem, at least with something the range of a
Leaf (unless your "errand" is a 60+ mile jaunt).  When I was in
Portland, I did a lot of driving, from Hillsboro to Gresham to
Wilsonville and back for example.  Sometimes that added up to as much as
a 100 miles or so, but it always involved stopping for a while somewhere
likely to have some charging available (at a friend's house if nothing
else, and Fry's and movie theaters are likely candidates for level 2

The only reason an ICE is useful with a long range EV, for the vast
majority of people, is cross-country driving.  And where the Level 3
infrastructure is in place so I can take the Leaf, I won't mind a 15
minute stop every hour, as it's a good break, and I probably need it
anyhow if I've been drinking pop on the trip as I usually do ;-) so
it'll only add about 5 minutes or so to the usual stop.  It will be
vital that they're dependable though...

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