[Oeva-list] Oeva-list Digest, Vol 86, Issue 24

Jim Harrison jvthree at msn.com
Wed Dec 29 20:58:27 PST 2010

Thanks Gary, this is good information! I have to say that this has me
rolling on the floor with laughter. I hope they include a Diesel motor for
this car; that is competitive. As for me, if I ever get the money it's going
for a Leaf. 


"On the "old gas" issue one of the GM engineers that was with the Volt tour
group, said that the car would remind you that the ICE needs to be run after
a certain lenght of time had gone by without the ICE starting up. And, at
some point in time, if the ICE has still not been started up the computer
system will start the ICE to burn the old fuel."

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