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"While Edison and Tesla take credit for many of the advances in
understanding and applying electricity around the turn of the century,
Steinmetz seems to be the real hero to many electrical engineers. Unlike
Edison, Steinmetz formulated a more scientific and less scattershot approach
to problem solving, and unlike Tesla, Steinmetz never became a nucleus for
free energy crackpot ideas. Born a hunchback, Steinmetz couldn’t easily
drive a car, but he did enjoy being driven in one, so he purchased the 1914
Detroit Electric, a Model 48 Duplex Drive Brougham. It wasn’t an unusual
choice for Steinmetz, a scientist in the employ of General Electric and a
member of Union College’s electrical engineering faculty for a couple
decades. Edison himself owned one, as did Henry Ford."

Some very nice photos.....you could drive from the front or back seats!



PS: There's a story about Steinmetz here:
He had worked on a very complex system at GE that was broken. No one could
fix it no matter how hard the technicians tried. So they got Steinmetz back.
He traced the systems and found the malfunctioning part and marked it with a
piece of chalk. Charles Steinmetz submitted a bill for $10,000. The GE
managers were taken back and asked for an itemized invoice. It said:

     Making chalk mark $1
     Knowing where to place it $9,999
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