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Thu Jul 8 22:47:40 PDT 2010

The big event is this Saturday!! Get your EVs ready!

The official start is at 9:30AM. We'll start loading vehicles into the
square at 9:00AM. If you are bringing a trailer or support vehicles, you'll
need to park them off the square. All the participating vehicles must be
propelled, at least partially, by plugging them in (BEV or PHEV). Standard
hybrids or other alt fuels are not enough to qualify.

Here is a list of the open air parking lots near by:

1) SW 3rd Ave &SW Ash St
2) NW Glisan St & NW 11th Ave
3) SW Salmon St & SW 17th Ave (City)
4) NW 14th Ave & NW Irving St

There are Smart Park parking structures near by too. These are pay parking lots
from Smart Park and the City, the city lot is $7 per day. The smart park
rate should be similar. If you use two parking spots (e.g., for a trailer),
you will need to pay for both spaces. Put the paystub for the trailer in the
window of the tow vehicle. This is where parking enforcement will be looking
for it.

Additionally, there is free parking in the area near NW 23rd & York St. This
is not as close to the square, but it is free.

Our treasurer and good Samaritan, Ray, has volunteered to people back and
forth as needed. Just call my cell number 503.621.4552. I hope to see you

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