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I don't know if volume will make a significant difference.   I think
we will be buying a fairly large quantity from the manufacturer.  This
is an OEM item, normally sold to GM, Nissan, etc., so 1,000 is a small


 For California drivers, there is some adapter and inlet funding from
the California Energy Commission, so there will be a big buy that we
can add to.  We don't expect to be able to get UL-listed inlets until
September or October.  We have most of the engineering done, but we
haven't decided who is going to do the assembly.  If any of you have
suggestions for an assembler, let me know.  The assembler does not
have to be in California.


I'm guessing that the inlet alone will be in the $200-$275 range, and
a complete adapter might add $100 or so to that.


Are drivers thinking of putting J1772 inlets on their cars, or do they
intend to use a J1772 to 14-50 adapter?


For the Ranger EV, we have in mind to create a J1772 to Avcon "claw"
adapter.   That way, drivers don't need to modify their cars, and they
can continue to use Avcon charging at home.   The Avcon "claw" would
be at the end of a short cable, about 18" to 20" long.   The J1772
inlet would then be just below the bumper.


Can we get a rough count of how many inlets your group would purchase,
broken down by the three types mentioned above -  all level 2,
208-240V, 32A.  (The UL-listed connector is actually rated 30A.)


1)      J1772 to 14-50 adapter

2)      J1772 inlet only, with wiring, for vehicle installation

3)      J1772 inlet to Avcon claw, for Ranger EV.

4)      Another item some folks might be interested in is a J1772
extension cable - J1772 to inlet to J1772 connector, about 20' long.
This would be at least $500.  It could be used to charge when a
charging station is blocked.   The standard cables will be 20' or 25'
long, so there may not be much call for this item.  Any interest?


Tom Dowling




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Hello Everyone


I know price is a concern but how many would be interested in getting
set up for J1772 charging?


Someone brought up a group buy so I though I would run this by Tom
Dowling as well the OEVA members. 


Not sure what we can do on pricing but I would be willing to help put
together a group buy.


I am on several EV lists and some of them might be interested? I think
we could get together with the other chapters of the EAA?


Tom you have any ideas? Is it to soon to get reasonable pricing? What
kind of volume are we going to need?


Thank you

Don Blazer




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> It looks like right now, J1772 plugs and sockets are pretty much
> to purchase unless you buy in quantity, so my kit plans are on hold
> availability is better. If anyone knows where I could buy them
> forking out almost $1,000 I'm all ears! :-)

What kind of quantity and cost are we talking about?

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