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Hello Nick 
Or anyone else who is interested in buying an EV.
You might consider an OEM 1997 or 1998 S-10 EV. These are far superior to 
an NEV. 
Depending on your choice of battery and year I can put one together a 1997 
for around 12,000 in lead or a 1998 NiMH for 16,000 to 19,000 range. 
Here are a few links for more information.
This is a great link to find out about the S-10 and any other full speed EV.
_http://avt.inel.gov/fsev.shtml_ (http://avt.inel.gov/fsev.shtml) 
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I'm looking for an NEV to cruise between the three hardware stores in
town....  Can anyone suggest a good local source or perhaps offer up one of
their own?  Please contact me directly if you can help.

Nick Galaday
Vernonia, OR 

Energy conservation--
????                 saves more than energy!

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