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Interesting times these...
As I've been a member and involved in the OEVA since 1993, I recall thinking
back in those days that we were within 2-5 years of being irrelevant.  It
has amazed me that 17 years later we are not yet irrelevant.  Though it does
feel somewhat more likely that we will be within the next 5 year window, I
have to laugh.  You speak of "hundreds of these commercial produced EV's" as
if that alone will cause EV's to stick.  I have news: There were many
thousands of commercial EV's on the streets---not last decade or the one
before---but in the 2 decade timeframe from 1900-1920.
It happened---and chargers were delivered with cars (1917-1923 Milburn Light
Electrics) before.
Also there were networks of charging stations.
It didn't help.
The electric car died---though commercial electrics lived on longer.

The big difference between then and now: Increased speed and performance
with modern electrics; The economics of electrics generally; the
environmentalism of going electric and a perception of broader level of
commitments to it.  Range was about the same with electrics back then vs
most of today's electrics: Most electric car makes back then got 60-100 mile
range on PbA or NiFe battery packs---albeit at 20-30mph.

Anyway, keep hope alive and keep working it.
Maybe we will still succeed in becoming irrelevant as an organization,
unlike our Portland EV forefathers (NELA EV branch chapter) in 1915 who
worked to popularize EV's, held an EV parade in December of 1915 and lost
the battle to gas cars not long after.  Of course, the trolleys also lost
later only to have a new age in the 21st century.

-Myles Twete
1920 Milburn Light Electric: www.evalbum.com/348
1911 Hupp-Yeats Electric: www.evalbum.com/1018

P.S. - Don't forget the EV drag races tomorrow night and Saturday night at

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OEVA Members...

A curious notion struck me today after I received my notification that I
would be receiving an in-home 
charging station at no-cost.  This is an amazing development in a relatively
short period of time.  
Did any of us think we'd be here five years ago?  I didn't... 

I have been on the OEVA list for two to three years, initially going so far
as to buying a vehicle for 
conversion and subsequently selling it after realizing that I didn't really
have the time to spend on 
both the learning and tooling (I read enough stories of others who caught
the bug).

So to my surprise, there actually will be hundreds of these commercially
produced EVs on the road and 
we will thankfully make gasoline usage seem utterly arcane (and I do think
my propane powered line 
trimmer contributes to this cause).  There will come a day when hundreds of
community members who have 
never heard of OEVA are driving around without any regard for the foundation
that OEVA has laid for 
this cause!  The nerve...

What will OEVA members do when dreams are finally realized and electric
vehicles roam the land?  What 
will this highly focused group of people do when we are paying of highway
taxes by GPS reporting 
systems, paying excise fees to 'fill our battery packs', and converting an
ICE to electric will be 
more of a hobby than a social commentary?  There will soon come a day when
the market is filled with 
Volts, Leafs, Teslas, Focus', etc...

I would hope we find something meaningful to talk about (not that talking
about 1772 cord ends aren't 
interesting).  I have enjoyed the social advocacy that all this has implied!
So, as everyone else 
finally gets a clue, maybe we can shift to an alternative social cause.

My vote is for Solar Powered vehicles (AKA OSPA).  It that doesn't fit I
would also propose PPTO 
(Propane Powered Trimmers of Oregon).  


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