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Thanks Nick,

I looked at the Smart Charging doc Specifications and here is what is says:
"The Smart Charging Dock is designed to communicate with the grid and turn
consumers’ homes into grid-connected smart charging hubs – charging when
energy consumption is low, and delaying the charge when energy demand is
high. The Smart Charging Dock is designed to charge automatically, or be
pre-programmed by the utility or consumer for more optimal power draw. All
Smart Charging Docks are installed by one of our independent certified
licensed electricians who also secure permits, facilitate inspection, and
perform on-site consumer orientation and training."

On the positive side for me is the fact that both units only require 30
Amps, so I'm good to go on that point.

Gene Fifield

> Here ya go.  Punch into "Charging Dock" at this website.  This is the
> charging station that AeroVironment will install for, on average, $2,200.
> I'm told the charger equipment only price would be only $800 if they sold
> them that way.  The one provided under the DOE program, for those of you
> so
> privileged, is possibly the next model up, the "Smart Charging Dock".  I
> just bristle at spending $1,400 to install what amounts to little more
> than
> a switch with a J1772 cord on it when I'm an electrician! This website
> lets
> you download data sheets that should explain a lot.
> http://evsolutions.avinc.com/products/at_home/
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