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>Somehow I don't think they are going to let you buy a NISSAN Leaf without an approved charger sitting in your garage.

Why not? Under the federal EV Project that’s understandable, but eventually anyone will be able to walk into a dealership and buy a Leaf. Nissan’s objective is to make money; if you’ve got the cash but don’t want a home charger (or at least Nissan’s charger), why wouldn’t they still take your money for the car? 
If you buy a NGV, automakers don’t force you to have a home natural gas filling station, why would EVs be different? EVs and home chargers come as a package for convenience, but consumers should have the option to have the car and charger be from different vendors, or even to omit the home charger entirely if that is their choice.
Nissan touts the ability for fast chargers to bring the battery to 80% in 28 minutes; combined with a 100 mile range and public chargers at workplaces and shopping centers, the home charger could almost be considered superfluous. Yes not having a home charger is not optimal, and yes the fast-charger will degrade the battery if overused, but if that is how the owner wants to use it, what right does Nissan have to refuse? They can say it would void the warranty, but they can’t prohibit you from doing it.
Remember, these are lithium batteries; leaving them partially discharged overnight will not cause damage, unlike lead acid. GM has even said publicly that the Volt would never need to be plugged in if the user does not wish to, and that doing so will not impact the lifespan of the batteries.

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