[Oeva-list] The real EV pushback

Nick nickgaladay at msn.com
Mon Jul 26 13:44:28 PDT 2010


Though the herein initiated EV fans can't imagine someone continuing to
choose to drive / buy an ICE once the Leaf (etc.) is readily available,
considering an EV operates for 1/4th the cost of an ICE, there will indeed
be pushback; and it's not "range anxiety".  I had a new '93 Mazda RX-7.  4.7
seconds 0-60.  I once set the cruise control at 160 mph on I-84 early one
summer morning on my way to Spokane.  It outperformed exotic sports cars
costing much more.  So why in the world would someone buy a Ferrari when
they could get my RX-7 (10 pounds per horsepower, did I mention that) for
1/4th the cost?  Testosterone.!  Simple as that.  My RX-7 had a Wankel
engine (albeit 255 hp dual rotor - dual blower).  Unless you were
pedal-to-the-metal at 8 grand (when it sounded like an F-16) it otherwise
sounded like a Singer sewing machine - whirrrrrrrr.   That's the real reason
the Wankel never made it.  Have you ever noticed a biker at a traffic light?
He might be riding the smoothest and quietest bike in the world, but he
still sits there gunning the engine - vroom - vroom, for no possible reason.
Listen to him go through the gears; he gives it an extra blast between
gears, again for no reason - like he's clearing its throat.  This noise /
vibration galaxy of sensations is visceral and is seated in the reptile
brain.  Just like the baseball card I used to put in my bicycle spokes.
Watch me go in my electric car - Hmmmmmm!

There is hope for these folks however.  My brother-in-law has an electric
boat.  He's bought a CD of muscle car sounds he plays at full volume as he
tools around his Arkansas fishing lake.

   Nick Galaday

   Vernonia, OR

            Energy conservation--

                     saves more than energy!


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