[Oeva-list] Wayland Invitational V results?

Christian, John P john.p.christian at intel.com
Mon Jul 26 15:28:05 PDT 2010

Greetings fellow EV fans,

I went to the Wayland event on Saturday night with a few family members and met John from the White Zombie Team. He reported that the much fabled new battery pack may have contributed to the demise of the two 10" DC brushed motors on Friday night. Also that someone stopped by afterwards and contributed two 9" brushed motors which they were working to install and test for some runs on Saturday night.

We stayed until about 9:15 and the only EV we saw run was the White Zombie. Although there were at least two Tesla Roadsters, a Karman Gaia EV, and one purpose built EV dragster there in the pseudo-EV compound - and probable several others. Since it was my sons first time there it wasn't exactly the great intro to EV competition that I had hoped for, nor was it anywhere near the caliper of last year's race - in terms of EV participation. However it could have been for a number of reasons like; my timing, being there on the second night of racing instead of the first, the heat, or just bad luck.

While there I met Steve Lough, current president of the SEVA. He had some great stories about his EV experience over the years. He had one of the first EV dealerships in the NW back in the '70s. His group is actively assisting current EV infrastructure planning efforts - help decide where charging stations should be placed. I also ran into Tim and Bubba, so overall,  it was all good.


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I saw the Zombie do an 11.7sec run...that may have been its best for this year.
I don't know if any other electrics came close to that.


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and pictures or video?

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Ken B <swedish.god at gmail.com<mailto:swedish.god at gmail.com>> wrote:
Does anyone have a link to the results?



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