[Oeva-list] 650 EV miles in 4 days

Ray Blackburn oeva_treas at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 26 19:53:09 PDT 2010

I did not make it to the NEDRA drag races this year.  I took my EV to John Day 
OR from Portland OR.  By the way has any of those Tesla drivers learned how to 
cut a light on the tree off the line yet?  Last year, they could not cut  a 
light to save their lives.

Say what you want about EV's and that they must be kept in town.  I could have 
taken either of the V8's I own to John Day and towed my EV but I look at it this 
way.  I paid my self a 100 dollars instead of the oil economy.  Yes, I spent 
approx 14 hours on the road waiting for my EV to charge so I could go on.  I 
paid myself  $7.14 per hour to wait for my batteries to fill with electrons, I 
would much rather have the $7.14 per hour to spend on things here in America 
than contribute to the oil economy.  When/if gas goes to 4-5 dollars and beyond 
people may reevaluate what is convenient and what is not.  It may just be more 
convenient to take the EV on the road trip and pocket the cash you would other 
wise use to support the oil economy.   I went to John Day to promote EV's at a 
energy fair, their were many people interested in EV's there and they were 
surprized mine made it on it's own power that far.  My question is?  Will there 
be any Leafs making the trip next year?  I expect it is to much trouble for 

My trip:  Left Thurs July 22 at 8:30 Am, went 30 miles up the Gorge and turned 
around and came back.  Charge two hours, left again with my clothes bag at 
approx 12 - 12:30 PM.  Arrived in The Dalles at approx 3:00 PM  Charge 6 hours 
at The Dalles, left The Dalles at 9:30 PM, arrived in Fossil at 12:30 AM.  The 
receptacle that was installed was incorrect.  Waited/slept and  ate, then met a 
electrician at the receptacle at 8:30 AM on Friday morning, instead of changing 
the receptacle we hack sawed my plug, now it fits two different receptacles a 
14-50P and one other.  Started charging in Fossil approx 8:30 AM Friday 
morning.  I wanted a full charge because from Fossil to John Day is approx 104 
miles.  Left Fossil approx 2:30 PM, arrived at John Day at approx 6:00 PM with 
40 miles range left, during this last leg of the trip I did stop to swim in the 
John Day river and went off the highway to look at a fossil bed and wound up 
talking to a Forest Ranger for a half hour about EV's.  The return trip was much 
easier as I knew the places to charge and my plug was modified to fit all 
receptacles immediately.  A link to the 
event here. http://www.solwest.org/fair.htm#additions

650 EV miles in 4 days and it was actually fun, I learned much about the towns 
I spent 6 - 7 hours charging in and exposed many people in those towns to EV's. 
Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer. 

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