[Oeva-list] EV convoy to John Day in 2011.

Marshall, Wendy Wendy.Marshall at greshamoregon.gov
Tue Jul 27 09:13:28 PDT 2010

Do we have a date for the 2011 event?  If I'm in town, and I actually have my Leaf in my hot little hands, I think an EV convoy would be a great way to educate folks in a hands-on way.


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Subject: [Oeva-list] EV convoy to John Day in 2011.

Thank you,  John P. Christian.

The organizers of the Solwest event in John Day realy would appreciate having a Leaf there next year.  I told them I would try and get some one to bring there Leaf.  Even if there are no charging stations where we are going, the organizers of the event will reach out to the small cities we will be traveling through and find us places to charge.  The Leaf will need a few more places than my car but we will make sure every place we stop has the correct connection a month before the trip.  They want the Leaf there, so they will find volunteers that will allow us to charge on their property where we need to.  It will just take a bit of planning.  More Leafs would be even better on the trip.  We could have a EV convoy.  We may have to stagger our EV's so we don't clog up charging places/stations with many EV's.  Thanks again John, if it is just you and I we will have great fun.  By the way my math was wrong with the return trip I was only paying myself half of $7.14, $3.57 is correct, I would need gas to go to $6 per gallon to get paid  the $7.14 per hour waiting to charge (or faster charging), that would ordinarily go to the oil economy.

Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer.

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Today's Topics:

  1. Re: PSU EV charging considerations (Rick Durst)
  2. Re: 650 EV miles in 4 days (Christian, John P)


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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 06:04:33 -0700
From: Rick Durst <Rick.Durst at pgn.com<mailto:Rick.Durst at pgn.com>>
Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] PSU EV charging considerations
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As far as PSU is concerned, this isn't true, I am involved with a PSU project that is aimed at establishing the best access and siting locations on campus for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) and plans are being finalized with the parties involved.

Many organizations are also reconsidering Public EV charging locations, as a result of ARRA grants. Payment mechanisms will be available from most manufacturers, so places won't be giving away electricity.

Many of these outdated concerns are going away, now that EVs are on a comeback.

By this time next year, there will be over 1000 publicly available EVSE locations around Oregon.
More than 1 for every 2 EVs on the road.


Rick Durst, Program Manager
Portland General Electric
Energy Information Services and Electric Vehicles
503-464-7631 phone
503-464-2284 fax

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Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] EV charging considerations

stevel at fern.com<mailto:stevel at fern.com><mailto:stevel at fern.com<mailto:stevel at fern.com>> writes:
>my employer has already decided that they aren't willing to install charging stations, due to liability concerns.

This is not an uncommon problem. In fact, it seems to be standard operating procedure. I think that the expectation that charging can be done at workplaces is wildly over optimistic as long as it is optional; from what I?ve seen most employers are highly resistant to workplace charging. PCC refuses to install chargers, PSU refuses to install chargers, even the BPA, which stands to gain from EVs, refuses to install charging stations. If employers that stand to gain from EVs, like the BPA, or that are nationally renowned for their sustainability, like PSU, won?t allow workplace charging stations, what does that tell us about the rest of the employers in the city?

Portland State University, nationally renowned for their sustainability and actively researching EVs, refuses to install charging stations for faculty and students, because they claim the reserved spaces would be used less often than the rest of the spaces in the garage, causing them to lose money, as much as $300 a month per EV space. For an institution whose annual budget is in the hundreds of millions, and that just spent nearly half a million dollars to plant twelve trees in the urban center plaza, $300 a month is a pretty poor excuse. Further, that the spaces they?ve already reserved for PSU?s Xebras, Plug-In Prius, and RAV4 EVs sit empty half the time, and so could theoretically be made available to students during the day, is apparently irrelevant.

The Bonneville Power Administration refuses to install charging stations because they claim it would be an illegal use of government resources, akin to using public money to buy gas for a private car (although BPA does exactly that all the time, in addition to giving away free bus passes.) Portland Community College, which offers EV technician training in their automotive program, basically said the same thing. That other government entities like ODOT, OHSU, Multnomah County, and the Cities of Portland, Hillsboro, Gresham, etc. have established legal precedent to the contrary is apparently irrelevant.

I suspect the bottom line is not that employers are unable to provide charging for legal or liability reasons, it?s simply that they don?t want to, no way, no how; Thus my belief that the expectation that charging can be done at workplaces is wildly over optimistic so long as it is optional. In this case, perhaps what is needed is a change to the building codes to require EV charging for buildings over a certain size, much as handicapped and bicycle parking are required, not optional. The city of Vancouver, BC now requires 10% of spaces in new residential parking garages to support EV charging; perhaps we could convince the City of Portland to adopt similar codes.

The Portland city council recently passed a resolution to support electric vehicles, (Available here: http://www.portlandonline.com/shared/cfm/image.cfm?id=309915 ) and an amendment to the building codes requiring EV charging on new construction would be a straightforward way for the council to put that resolution into action. Of course, lobbying for code changes might conflict with our non-profit status, so it may require some creativity.

>I wonder.. Will AAA tow a EV with a dead battery to a charging station?

Yes. If AAA will tow a bicycle with a flat tire, why wouldn?t they tow an EV? Remember, AAA wants to make money, and providing customers with needed services is the way you make money. They may even eventually develop an emergency charge (EmergiCharge?) truck with a built in fast-charger, running off of batteries or a gas generator. It wouldn?t have to recharge you fully, or even to 80%; just enough to get to a real charging station under your own power, and two or three minutes of fast-charge would give you several miles of range with which to do so. Sort of like how they don?t fill the tank if you run out of gas, just a gallon or two to get you to a gas station. Of course, ultimately the plan is to populate the entire world with charging stations, so you?d never be more than, say, a half-mile from one, but that won?t be realized for a while yet, and in the meantime AAA can make some money.

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From: "Christian, John P" <john.p.christian at intel.com<mailto:john.p.christian at intel.com>>
Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] 650 EV miles in 4 days
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Hey Ray,

This is fantastic and I applaud your efforts. I should have my Leaf by this time next year and I will make that same trip with you then. It should be even easier as there is the higher risk of seeing more infrastructure in place by then. We need to start shifting our focus on finding some fun ways to enjoy our EVs while continuing the education efforts like this one. As we move into the next phase of EV evolution let's keep it interesting.

Thanks so much.

John P. Christian
OEVA Chair
* +1(503) 704-2155 -Mobile
P please consider the environment...

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Subject: [Oeva-list] 650 EV miles in 4 days

I did not make it to the NEDRA drag races this year.  I took my EV to John Day OR from Portland OR.  By the way has any of those Tesla drivers learned how to cut a light on the tree off the line yet?  Last year, they could not cut  a light to save their lives.

Say what you want about EV's and that they must be kept in town.  I could have taken either of the V8's I own to John Day and towed my EV but I look at it this way.  I paid my self a 100 dollars instead of the oil economy.  Yes, I spent approx 14 hours on the road waiting for my EV to charge so I could go on.  I paid myself  $7.14 per hour to wait for my batteries to fill with electrons, I would much rather have the $7.14 per hour to spend on things here in America than contribute to the oil economy.  When/if gas goes to 4-5 dollars and beyond people may reevaluate what is convenient and what is not.  It may just be more convenient to take the EV on the road trip and pocket the cash you would other wise use to support the oil economy.  I went to John Day to promote EV's at a energy fair, their were many people interested in EV's there and they were surprized mine made it on it's own power that far.  My question is?  Will there be any Leafs making the trip next year?  I expec
t it is to much trouble for most?

My trip:  Left Thurs July 22 at 8:30 Am, went 30 miles up the Gorge and turned around and came back.  Charge two hours, left again with my clothes bag at approx 12 - 12:30 PM.  Arrived in The Dalles at approx 3:00 PM  Charge 6 hours at The Dalles, left The Dalles at 9:30 PM, arrived in Fossil at 12:30 AM.  The receptacle that was installed was incorrect.  Waited/slept and  ate, then met a electrician at the receptacle at 8:30 AM on Friday morning, instead of changing the receptacle we hack sawed my plug, now it fits two different receptacles a 14-50P and one other.  Started charging in Fossil approx 8:30 AM Friday morning.  I wanted a full charge because from Fossil to John Day is approx 104 miles.  Left Fossil approx 2:30 PM, arrived at John Day at approx 6:00 PM with 40 miles range left, during this last leg of the trip I did stop to swim in the John Day river and went off the highway to look at a fossil bed and wound up talking to a Forest Ranger for a half hour about EV's
.  The return trip was much easier as I knew the places to charge and my plug was modified to fit all receptacles immediately.  A link to the event here. http://www.solwest.org/fair.htm#additions
650 EV miles in 4 days and it was actually fun, I learned much about the towns I spent 6 - 7 hours charging in and exposed many people in those towns to EV's.

Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer.

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