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I sent this to Oregon AAA:


Member Question/Comment: Can I call AAA to come tow me to a public "Level
III" charge site, or give me an emergency roadside Level III charge, if I
run out of range in my electric Nissan Leaf, or other similar "plug-in
electric" car? This question has been asked by members of the OEVA (Oregon
Electric Vehicle Association) http://www.oeva.org/ 


And here's their answer:


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Mr. Galaday,


Thank you for your inquiry.  AAA is certainly looking into options to
provide service to these vehicles.  Currently we are capable of providing
the towing service to a charging station within the scope of your
membership.  I see that you live in Vernonia and have the basic membership.
You should consider the Plus membership which affords members up to 100
miles of towing.


Basic includes towing within the city of the disablement or three miles,
additional miles of towing would be provided at $3.75 per mile.


The technology for providing mobile battery boosts is currently not fully
developed, but we are very interested in providing this service in the
future.  Please let us know if you have more specific questions about your
membership and benefits.


Another point to keep in mind is that each member has four service calls
available per membership year.  Subsequent service during the membership
year can still be provided by paying a surcharge of $45.


There are many considerations to taking into account.  Please feel free to
contact us to discuss this further.






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