[Oeva-list] The real EV pushback.

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alan at batie.org wrote:
>Actually, they won't [sell Propane for cars,] as a general rule: they're not allowed to unless they handle the vehicle fuel tax.
Huh. I was not aware that there was a vehicle fuel tax on CNG / LPG. The U-haul place is listed on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center, (linked from OEVA’s Charging page,) so I just kind of assumed you could pull up and buy alternative fuels there. So if I had a CNG vehicle and a home filling station, how does that work tax wise, do you know?
pusa411 at gmail.com wrote:
>Alan has a good point, at some in time we Electric Adopters are going to have to pay Road Taxes...
>Hmm, how is that going to work, at around $0.45 per gallon. 
> I'd gladly do a separate meter on my Level III...   :')~~

Yes, eventually EVs will pay road taxes. Although if anyone complains that you don’t pay your fair share already, just point out that the majority of road improvements (60%) are paid for by your property and income taxes, not gas taxes. Puts the argument of bicyclists not paying their share in gas taxes in a different perspective, doesn’t it? Ever wonder why the Pearl District or the South Waterfront have such nice roads? Development fees and property taxes (as urban renewal) on the new condos, not a penny of gas tax involved. Also, a large chunk of the Portland Streetcar was paid for by those condo owners as well, which is only fair as they are the ones who benefit most. The Streetcar, of course, is a very different kind of electric vehicle, but it's battery is so small it's range is only 200 feet. *smirk*
It’s good that you’d be willing to have a separate meter on your charger, because that’s already required in parts of California, as is the special EV billing schedule; you can’t get the building permit to install the charger without it. It is entirely possible the same will be required in Oregon eventually. It’s good if you charge at night when it’s cheap, but if you have to charge during the day the cost is brutal.
As for taxes, one idea that I’ve heard is to eliminate the gas tax and private auto insurance, and pay a per-mile tax. The tax would cover road maintenance, as well as any insurance claims from collisions, the benefit being that there would no longer be any uninsured motorists because it was paid for through taxes, while the huge profits the insurance companies have would stay in the motorist’s pocket. Expressing it as a per mile tax would also encourage people to drive fewer miles, even though the actual cost of car ownership per mile would be largely unchanged from what it is today. While that particular idea is unlikely to happen for a variety of reasons, some form of per-mile road tax is almost inevitable as vehicles become increasingly fuel efficient, undermining the very concept of the gas tax, which now only pays for 40% of our roads, and that percentage is declining rapidly, particularly with all the stimulus spending on roads.

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> Range is far greater than in an EV, and hundreds of thousands of
 possible refueling stations exist. The U-haul shop down the street from
 my house sells propane into any size tank you have, even a car.
Actually, they won't, as a general rule: they're not allowed to unless
hey handle the vehicle fuel tax.  Granted, it's been 35 years since I
orked at the gas station with U-haul and propane, but I doubt propane
ueled cars have gained enough market share to cause that situation to
hange much...though it probably *is* easier to find the places that you
an fuel up at now...

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