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garry painter garry at europa.com
Wed Jul 28 07:04:55 PDT 2010

If you have a GPS, or could borrow one, you can upload the data from  
that trip to chargecar.org.
They will tell you how much energy the trip will consume.

Just go to their homepage: http://chargecar.org/home
Then click on the "SHARE" link.
Once that is done, you click on the "DATA" link.
You will see a map of the US.
Click on the "push pin" in Oregon.
Then select your trip data.

As an example, you can check my trip stats to work one day:

Click on the "If I had an electric car..." link.

There it tells you that my 10.13 mile trip to work would have  
consumed 2.32 kwh.
If I had an electric car of course.


ps. and they have graphs!
I always wished John Wayland would carry a gps on his little trips  
around PIR and upload his data.
The website's purpose is to gather data for "commutes to and from work".
It would be fun to see the reaction of the people running the study.
"What the hell does that guy do for a living? Drag racing?"

On Jul 27, 2010, at 8:22 PM, gfifield at onlinenw.com wrote:

> I was thinking that Google maps or Google Earth should be able to  
> be used
> to calculate the amount of elevation gain and drop, factor in the
> efficiency of regenerative braking down hill and come up with a decent
> estimate for  your trip. In fact this should be something that already
> exists for ICE.
> Of course your model of car, your driving style, the amount of extra
> weight your are carrying and the condition of the road and tires,  
> might
> all be inputs to this calculation.
> Gene
>> I was thinking it would be entertaining to see if the Leaf could  
>> make it
>> over the Cascades from Portland, but it's 134 miles from Corvallis to
>> Bend (where I have a nephew).  If I could charge in Sweet Home (30ish
>> miles from Corvallis), which is basically the last town before  
>> Sisters,
>> and if that was enough to make it over the pass...  I might not need
>> much of a charge by the time I got back down the other side ;-)  
>> (well,
>> except for conversion losses and the fact that the high desert is  
>> a lot
>> higher than the valley --- now on the way back...).
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