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Hello John
This has been a real issue with some of the other lists I am on. One of 
them is at times well over 50 posts a day mostly on the Leaf and a few on the 
Volt. I joined these list to follow the EVs they correspond to. Its not that 
I don't support these new OEMs but its getting hard to read though all the 
unrelated information. 
Many major changes in the EV world are happening and this is going to 
affect the list. From what I have seen in the past it is best to have separate 
list dedicated to just one EV. Even though it was serviced by an OEM there 
still is a lot of good information shared. Now these vehicles are off warranty 
the lists are a huge support group.
Not quite sure how this is going to work out for the OEVA?
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Hey there -

I don't want to sound like a grouchy old guy (i'm not!), but is it possible 
for someone tech-savvy to create a oeva sub-list dedicated to the leaf? At 
this stage, most of the conversation around it is really specific and not so 
much generally EV related. It's great that it's becoming a reality, but I 
can't be the only one on the oeva list not in the market and who doesn't care 
about it.


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