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chris at darkstarpro.com chris at darkstarpro.com
Wed Jul 28 11:38:52 PDT 2010

To your point, if the mailing list shouldn't be used to discuss electric
vehicle happenings in the industry, what should it be used for?

The mailing list usually has all kinds of specific discussions and I would
hate to see 10 different OEVA mailing lists created that I would have to
keep track of to post topics of interest. Isn't that what the subject line
is for?

As time progresses, you'll see more discussion on the Chevy Volt,
Mitsubishi iMEV, Smart EV, and anything else coming down the pipeline. I
don't think it would make sense to create new lists for them and then
another list for charging stations, and another list for events, and
another for meeting info.

Even with all the Nissan Leaf discussion, this is still the quietest
mailing list I'm on and I was very surprised about your message.

Chris Arnesen

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From: John RA Benson jrab at e-m-w.com
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 18:09:43 +0200
To: oeva-list at oeva.org
Subject: [Oeva-list] leaf stuff

Hey there -

I don't want to sound like a grouchy old guy (i'm not!), but is it possible
for someone tech-savvy to create a oeva sub-list dedicated to the leaf? At
this stage, most of the conversation around it is really specific and not
so much generally EV related. It's great that it's becoming a reality, but
I can't be the only one on the oeva list not in the market and who doesn't
care about it.


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