[Oeva-list] record setting runs by the white zombie last night

J Bills jbillsnews at flickfx.com
Sat Jul 31 11:41:38 PDT 2010

Hey list - haven't seen any posts so I thought I'd tell you it was a
big night out at PIR last night for John Wayland & the White Zombie
team.  Armed with that new Siamese 9 motor and the outrageous 355v
pack of Dow/Kokam military grade lithium power in the trunk, they have
managed to officially crack the sub-11 1/4 mile times in a big way -
with 2 runs of 10.4!

Not without some drama - the first couple runs last night gave us a
taste of the speed to come, but also melted some wiring that had to be
replaced while charging in the pit.

But after those fixes, everything came together.  The 2nd and
"proving" record run was a 10.400 flat against a very capable Nissan
Skyline GT-R that had about a jillion horsepower rumbling under the
hood.  An incredible car and the driver was a top guy - easily the
best at the track last night - but no match for the Zombie!  It was
like watching a little kid beat up his big brother.

anyone still think electric cars are slow?  Let's see George Bush
still call them "golf carts" after seeing what this little white one
can do!  ha!

someone from the SEVA list posted a nice youtube link to the first rocket run.

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