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Farmers has been great for me, especially with the alt fuel discount.


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hey listers -

just thought I'd pass along my insurance experience.  I just went through the whole process and insured my conversion through Farmers for what I think is a surprisingly fair rate.  I mean, I get that it's a 30 yr old car, but they met all my needs and came in a solid 15% less than quotes from progressive, geico, state farm, etc.   I did the full rack of online quotes.

When I got into it with the agent, we discovered a few discounts - one for "alternative fuel vehicle" (!!) and another "affinty" discount they called it, for having a job that falls within a certain list of industries. I do some part time teaching at the art school here in town, and that qualified me for educator.  I remember seeing military and a few other professions listed.

There was also a nice discount for paying the whole year in full (another 10% i think).  That was never an option for me before with Geico.  So all in all, the savings stacked up substantially and it only added another $200/yr total to add the EV as our 2nd car, with the same coverage I had before.  (YMMV)

They were able to do a stated value policy to include the EV components, and also have a very flexible "storage" plan that knocks it down to just a fraction of comprehensive coverage if I decide not to drive it during the winter.  Not sure if I'll do that but good to know.

I got the initial quote through the farmers website and then finished up/asked questions through Cody Dittmer in Beaverton. His info:
Cody Ditter
4607 SW Bvrtn Hilsdl Hwy
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-442-9245
Fax: 503-427-7822
Email: cditter at farmersagent.com

He seemed "with it."  Also managed to get a better rate on my renters insurance while I was at it, and there was the multiplan discount if you had both car & home.  Cody did say that generally people get better rate quotes from the farmers web than the agents are able to get, so going through the web first was the route to take.

Overall I'd call it a win!  I have to say I'm a bit relieved at how easy this was.  Not sure how they will be in the event of an accident, but so far so good.

FYI, Cody was quick to point out that with the 12 months pay up front policy, they can't raise the rates for any reason until the end of the term.  Hopefully they don't sneak it up on me each year - I guess if they do I could always go with state farm (the next cheapest), but they were a good 15% or so higher.

Worth asking - anyone have a negative exp w/ Farmers?  (it does have a bit of a "too good to be true" smell, I have to admit)

If anyone gets a quote and likes what they see, put my name down as a referral.  not sure what it would get me, but heck why not.

ease on down the road!

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