[Oeva-list] Greenwashing - "Carbon-Offset Superyacht"

mark barthemer morbiusx1 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 20:35:57 PDT 2010

Gas 2.0 has a piece on Sauter's 49-meter 'Superyacht' claiming to be green - mostly silliness, and the manufacturer's website they link to is pegged by Firefox as a dangerous site.  (I didn't bother to go further.)  A standard diesel-electric drive, first used by the Navy 101 years ago, IIRC, augmented by 100 kWhr lithium battery pack for shore charging & the usual token PV panels topside, plus an alleged 'kinetic energy recovery system' (Regenerative braking on a boat???  Sails?)  Ideal for folks with more money than brains, and ugly to boot:


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