[Oeva-list] Dave Cloud shows his true colors once again (not EV Components- related)

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Mon Jun 7 15:58:53 PDT 2010

Hello All, 

One factor that's stalled progress on the Karmann Eclectric is that my e-meter has been on the repair bench of a very kindly but overcommitted Minnesotan for nearly a year...   Dave Cloud responded to my purchase inquiry by saying that he didn't have a meter for sale, but would be happy to loan me his one remaining reserve unit, if I didn't mind an iffy LED....

I've been meaning to follow up, but it's just that I've been having way too much fun with the Karmann Eclectric to get online!  ;-)
The meter works great- it did not have any burned out segments.  So far, I've run my 30 Ah nicad pack as far down as 27 Ah with no ill effects- and that was not using efficient driving technique by any means!  I've set off on one efficiency run so far, but the dicipline only lasted about 5 minutes before I was romping on the throttle again.  The Gamera Nine motor only asks for more every time I feed it amps from Godzilla #003, and it breaks loose tires at will.  My neighbors actually stood in their driveway last weekend and clapped as I burned doughnuts in the cul-de-sac!

The car's sorely in need of an alignment, as my yardstick method produced a pigeon-toed front end, but it's hard to imagine better acceleration off the line.  Improved range, however, would be welcome.  My longest run covered 19 miles and though it was hilly and with a heavy foot, the 340 Watt-hours per mile result was still a bit of a disappointment.  This car also has a brand-new, nice and tight Vanagon tranny with a locker (not engaged), so that's not helping in the efficiency department either (though it sure makes the launches feel good!).

Again Thank You Dave, and also to the whole SEVA and OEVA community for the past few years of support as I slowly made progress towards getting this car on the road!

  -Jay Donnaway

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