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Sat Jun 26 22:14:59 PDT 2010

What comes between "Sax in the City" and World Cup Soccer? Well, if we are
talking about the summer calendar at Pioneer Courthouse Square, then the
answer is Electric Vehicle Awareness Day! On *July 10th*, the day after Sax
in the City and the day before World Cup Soccer in the Square, the OEVA will
be filling the square up with EVs of all kinds.

Please let me know if you are going to attend and what vehicle(s) you plan
in bringing.

With the devastation occurring in the gulf, we really have an opportunity to
show people another way.

Come on down with or without your EV and say hi. This is also a great time
to renew your OEVA membership and we will be revealing our new T-shirt
design (I like it so much I am buying 2). Also, this year we have a speaker
from Plug-in America and the PIA Guide to EV Buying will be on sale at our

Hope to see you there!

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