[Oeva-list] For Sale- 1994 PG&E S-10 EV 3, 726 factory original miles

Roy LeMeur roylemeur at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 19:04:25 PST 2010

Hi Folks

Car salesman hat is on :-)

This is a rare one. 

Not everyday a factory-built EV comes up for sale with 3,726 factory original miles on it. (maybe a Tesla)

Being offered to the NW EV community first, SEVA and OEVA folks for now. Vehicle is located close to Port Townsend, WA. 

Hoping not to have to go to the EV Trading Post, Ebay, or... (please! no!) Craigslist. Dealing with local EVers is much preferred.

I am helping a friend to sell this. He has been storing it away while planning to do something with it for many years. 

As often happens... changing priorities motivate sale. I will try to offer as much info as I can.

-1994 Chevy S-10 US Electricar, White on Blue. [IIRC, the Serial # is 248] Date of manufacture 9/94. PG&E vehicle-

Photos are here (shot right after first time brought out of the garage and washed in five years)-

The links to vehicle examples on the EV Album listed below provide good, basic, system descriptions.

Well... OK... I will give a brief, all strung together description...

GM/Siemens/Hughes Dolphin 50kW 3-phase A/C drive w/regen w/programmable built-in charger 312V system carbon fiber driveshaft Borg-Warner T-10 locked in 2nd gear from factory 4.11 rearend 72 mph top speed was originally Panasonic NiMH batteries. Enough... please look it up on the inter-nets.

There are a few folks that are experts on these and they are on the EVDL. I am not one of those experts. Please refer to the links provided below to learn much more.

Let's get the not-so-good out there first-
No Batteries, no battery box lid. Hasn't run since originally in service for PG&E. Needs a talented detailer to pretty it up, mostly chassis and underhood. Missing rear bumper. Has sat in current owner's garage for five+ years. 

For sale as-is, where-is, close to Port Townsend, WA. Bring a trailer and load it up.

The Good-
Never screwed with. Never hacked. As factory original as it can be. Interior is in as-new condition. Auto painter guru could cure the minor flaws and bring it back to as-new quickly. (see photos) All 12V driven systems are up and running, good 12V battery included.

Battery pack cost? Depends on what you want. I got a ballpark figure on a Thundersky Lithium pack with BMS from the good folks at EV Components. A pack of 160Ah cells should provide a ~150 mile-per-charge vehicle for approx. $17K all included. (based on an estimated 300Wh per mile usage, your mileage may vary :-)

OTOH, you could string together a bunch of power tool batteries that you bought at garage sales to get the voltage needed to initialize the system and drive it a few hundred feet :-O (sorry, couldn't resist)

Links to more info-

Photo gallery of this vehicle-

Examples of the same vehicle in the EV Album-

Vehicle documentation and manuals here-

US Electricar Yahoo Group-

US Electricar S10 FAQ-

Asking $7500

Serious Inquiries Only Please.

Bottom Line-
First to respond get first opportunity to show up and follow-thru in a timely manner. We want this to go within a couple of weeks.

I would be happy to speak about the logistics of when you can see the vehicle or if you would like to make an offer.

Thanks for looking!
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