[Oeva-list] PSU ECE 510 - Electric Vehicles course will happen

gfifield at onlinenw.com gfifield at onlinenw.com
Sun Mar 21 10:18:48 PDT 2010

PSU ECE 510 - Electric Vehicles – Part I, Electric Drives and Controllers,
 has 20 people registered as of March 20th, so the course will happen.


Dr Hammerstrom says on March 20th: "We now have 20 signed up, 11
undergraduates and 9 graduate students.  So the course will happen. . . . . "
I asked him if it was closed:
"Well, in theory it is closed, that is, we decided to limit the class to 20.
However, I realized today that since the undergraduate course and graduate
course use different numbers, PSU is limiting each to 20.  Not exactly
what we wanted, but not something I can do anything about now.  So if we
have a number of additional people register, the system will allow them

So for you last minute deciders there is technically a space for you too!

Gene Fifield

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