[Oeva-list] Signing up for the DOE study from the Nissan Leaf site

Nick nickgaladay at msn.com
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Not so fast misters Graunke and Christian!  When I get to the Leaf page that
has my reservation number, I'm only given two choices, not three.  It
appears they don't think I'm worthy of the first of the three links to which
you refer.  I'm only invited to either cancel my reservation or locate a
dealer.  I believe eTec only invited some of us from certain ZIP codes, or
possibly those anticipating getting more use out of their Leaf.  Being
retired I allowed as I'd only use it around 400 miles per month.  It's too
late now to go back and e-lie or e-move.  The good folks at eTec have not
responded to my query on this matter.  Nissan couldn't tell me the criteria
that was used but said it was eTec's call.  E-nough.

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Most of us who signed up for the Nissan Leaf also signed up for the DOE
study.  9 responded "yes", and 4 "no" to my mini-survey.

John Christian followed up and found out how those who missed can still sign
up.  Those of us that signed up can't do this-there are only 2 links on our
"my account" page (cancel, find a dealer).  If you find the first of 3
links, it should take you to the study questionnaire.


PS, rumor has it that so far 12000 people have signed up nationwide, and
8000 are in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

>From John....
Here is all anyone needs to do:
Go to this link:

-          Click on the "sign in / register" link in the lower left-hand

-          Sign in.

-          Click on the "My Account" link in the lower left-hand corner of
that window

o        This will take you back to that final screen that shows your
reservation number.

o        The first of the 3 links on the lower half of that window is the
one that allows you to sign up for the free charger.

I went there and it took me through the full set of questions about garage,
commute, and panel configurations.

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