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I would agree that Nissan does listen. I was lucky and met with several
Nissan folks early in this project. They asked several questions of me as an
EV driver and I had several suggestions. Here are some of the things that I

   1. For a BEV, have a 100+ mile range. Most people don't need 100 miles,
   by hitting triple digits is a significant psychological point.
   2. If you want high volume, start with a 4-door, not a 2 door or a micro
   car, these are niche. Compare the Prius to the first gen Insight, one made
   it big, one died.
   3. Have a specific EV model, not an "electric Altima" or "electric Cube".
   Compare Prius vs Hybrid Camry, Prius sells far better. Early adopters,
   especially, are going to want a badge they can rally behind, not a sub
   4. Solar panel option: I show my EV off several times per year and at
   nearly every event someone suggests putting a solar panel on there so you
   can "drive forever". I used to walk through the math with them, now I just
   smile and say I'll look into that. So unless they want to hear that same
   suggestion over and over, have a solar panel option, even if it is only a
   5. Have an in-dash navigation system that is "Battery Smart". Meaning
   that it knows your SOC, location, destination,  and route, and it tells you
   an estimated SOC on arrival. It should also suggest charging points along
   your route as needed. Additionally, have a prominent "find nearest charging
   station" button on the nav system.
   6. Partner with someone like ZipCar for occasional gasser rental needs
   (and try to get EVs into their program).
   7. Partner with AAA for added peace of mind.

I'm sure I am far from the only one to suggest many of these things, but it
is nice to see most of these are in the LEAF.

Plug In, Charge Up, Drive Off    =D~

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:30 PM, Daniel Davids <ddavids at seanet.com> wrote:

>  The spoiler-integrated solar panel provides a trickle charge to the
> Leaf's 12v accessory battery. That's all it does, besides looking cool, of
> course.
> On our recent trip to Nissan in TN, we were told that the necessity of
> keeping the 12v battery up to snuff was a signal they heard very clearly
> during interviews two years ago with members of Plug In America. So they
> came up with the solar charger idea. We had no idea what they had in the
> works.
> Nissan listens to its customers. All hail, Nissan!
>  - Dan
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> Pat on OEVA just mentioned 3 colors when he reserved, I wanted the Quick
> Charge,
> so SL was a must, don't know *the value of that tiny solar spoiler..*
> I also did my 99 around noon today, the 21st.. Oops I did not see the E.
> Wanted to show off a sexy Electric with all the goodies we can find or make
> for it..
> 5x colors to choose from, Red and Black in addition to the 3x he saw,
> White, Silver and Blue.
> I clicked on the Free charger too..
> Oh, has anyone found a good reference for low rolling resistance
> siliconized tires..?
> THX..
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