[Oeva-list] Fwd: OEVA Meeting at Nissan this Thursday

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sat May 15 09:53:00 PDT 2010

I don't know about anyone else, but I was really disappointed in that we
knew more about what was going on than Joel did and the main message I
got was "we're so screwed if this takes off please buy from us"

On another note:

Given the cost of the level 3 charging stations, which are what are
going to be required to make cross-country travel even close to
practical, I think the answer is for the states to put them in at rest
areas along the interstates and charge $10 per 1/2hr charge.  And maybe
$10 for 10pm-8am to collect some additional revenue from RVers.  The
cost could drop as the number of EVs go up (though has the price of
anything ever gone down? ;-) ) but it's not really that much and I'd
happily pay it for the ability to drive long distance.  At $50K each,
that would take 5000 charges to pay for each one.  Averaging 10
charges/week (which I suspect would be mainly rv'ers) that's a 10yr
break even not counting maintenance:

There are 20 rest areas on I5/I84 in Oregon
(http://www.tripcheck.com/pages/raentry.asp), about every 30-40 miles
(except a big gap between The Dalles and Boardman - 90 miles that would
need filled, maybe Arlington, conveniently next to a wind farm ;-) ).
$1-4 million , which isn't really all that much in the scheme of
things... depending on if it's $50K or $200K each; fwiw, we're about to
buy a new 60-80KW (I forget the exact size at the moment) UPS at work,
and it's ~$60K).

The idea of putting that expensive a charger at big box stores and other
local places makes no sense --- you're not going far enough on local
trips to need that fast of a charge, and you're likely to spend enough
time inside for the level 2 chargers to handle a lot of it.  At
250wh/mile typical, a 6kw level 2 charger covers 24 miles/hr (ballpark).
 It might make sense if the store used an EV delivery vehicle...

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