[Oeva-list] Article comparing today's EVs with 1900's versions

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
Wed May 19 19:48:39 PDT 2010

That's a very well researched and written article.
And it feeds into that adage that someone on the EVDL has said several times
over the past 16yrs or so: "With EV's, you can have range, performance or
low cost --- Pick any two".  The early EV's had range and were relatively
high cost with acceptable, but increasingly considered poor performance.
And it's because of those increasing performance expectations over time that
made EV's unacceptable---too slow or sluggish, or if not too slow or
sluggish, too short in range.  Gas cars won.  And so today's performance
expectations being very high, even the latest batteries cannot offer the
modern production EV's a greater range than the best EV's of 100yrs ago.

Speed is not cheap:    Double your speed, quadruple the power required.

-Myles Twete
1920 Milburn Light Electric: www.evalbum.com/348

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Hi All,

Here's an interesting article comparing today's EVs with those from 100
years ago.


It seems our addiction to speed is taking its toll on our efficiency...



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