[Oeva-list] Tesla (re)coil

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Sun May 23 20:40:13 PDT 2010

"Linda Snipes" <snipes8155 at charter.net> writes:
>    I understand what you are saying.
>    But, I also remember that not too long ago Toyota and GM already had a 
>big headstart on the electric car stage, in California.  Both of them wiped 
>their shoes on the front mat as they exited the platform and did no favors 
>for California in the process.
>    I am very sorry to see Tesla wind up in their hands.

It takes two to tango... Undoubtedly Tesla looked at the deal and decided it
was their best way forward.

I don't think Toyota would invest that much just to kill off the competition.
(And as I understand the deal, it's a joint venture, not a takeover.)

Further, Tesla will need a large infusion of cash to get from the "hand
made" one at a time business, to an assembly line scale car company.

Toyota probably brings some real clout when it comes to dealing with suppliers
of things like batteries.

Getting access to the Toyota dealer network, would also be a big gain.

Look at all the car companies that didn't make it. Bricklin comes to mind.

And getting the NUMI car plant, complete with a workforce hungry to start
building new cars. Pure gravy.


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